Crime Drama & Suspense

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14 thoughts on “Crime Drama & Suspense

  1. Truly this TWINS trilogy by Mr. R.G. Miller is an amazingly well written tale of crime, suspense and drama that will keep you checking your doors and windows! These are characters that you are unlikely to forget — they are forever ingrained in your psyche! If you choose to accept this assignment, hold on for a wild and unforgettable ride! Incredibly creative!!!


    1. Hi, baby girl, long time, huh? First of all let me say thank you for signing up. Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on my next novel, which you and everyone else that signed on will get before anyone else. My next book is called “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND.” Hey, I want to remind you that next month is the Kindle Fire give-away. Good luck. If you want to read a synopsis on my next book go to the and stroll down until you see NO MAN LEFT BEHIND…ok


    1. Happy Holiday, Katrina, I’m glad you enjoyed The Twins Trilogy. And for joining my email list you are now eligible to win a Kindle Fire on the 9th of July. You and the rest of my subscribers will be the first to read my next book and all future books. I’m putting the finishing touches on my fourth novel entitled: NO MAN LEFT BEHIND, and be on the look out for my first short story… I AM KIMBERLY COLE. Thank you again, Katrina


  2. Oh please include in in your emails and yes send me your 2 books… I am recovering from major surgery and liking for good books to read during this recovery.


    1. Hi, I hope that you’re recovering well. Thanks for signing up. You are now eligible to win a free Kindle Fire. And being that you’re recovering from surgery I’m going to send you the complete Trilogy of THE Twins. Happy reading. I’m going to send the book to your email.


  3. I read all three of the twins books loved them could not stop reading and talking about it. Told my friend to read the books. Just finish No man left behind. I was amazed it was so good and a surprise ending. People you got to read these books.


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